My opponent is attempting to twist support that I have earned from the hard-working families of Mesa County into a question of corporate support.

Here is the truth. Individuals with a common interest can support elected officials by establishing a Political Action Committee (PAC), these funds come directly from the individuals within the company or shared interest, then the group votes on who they will support in an election cycle. The group awards a donation for a number of reasons and endorsements are awarded.

To disparage the folks that put their personal hard earned money into supporting me or any other candidate is shameful and insulting to hard working Coloradans.

I understand that he is upset that he has no measurable support but scorching the thousands of employees here in Mesa County who work hard is just no way to gain their support or ever win an election. He claims he stands on common ground with everyone; however, calling the hard-working people of Mesa County fools is division no matter what ground you stand on.

By Ray Scott

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