Re-Count is imperative to protect democracy…

Trust but verify. President Reagan made that phrase famous in reference to arms control agreements, but it applies equally to questions of election integrity, which is why I applaud today’s recount of votes cast at the March 17 Mesa County Assembly.

Even if today’s vote total matches the one taken on March 17, maintaining public trust in the integrity of the process is worth the extra time it takes to actually open the envelopes and physically count the ballots, rather than relying on a less precise and reliable voice vote.
Therefore, I strongly disagree with statements made by Dan Thurlow on KREX-TV dismissing the need for a verified count.

In a democracy, all voters expect a fair and honest count, and no one should fear the results. I also believe this recount will help Mesa County Republicans make improvements to the assembly process moving forward. Dan Thurlow has been blocking the review process for weeks but I believe even he will be better off with all votes verified.

By Ray Scott

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