Who can buy the Governors seat, what a miserable thought

The Denver post’s story on how rich the candidates are made me nauseas. This is where we find ourselves for choices for Governor in 2018, rich or richer. I saw a quote when I first ran for office in 2010. I believe it was Tip O’Neal. ” Having lots of money in a political race doesn’t mean you’ll win, but without it you will definitely lose”. I’ve carried that with me for years and have seen several races in CO where it held true. The better candidate had no chance due to lack of funds. But the question seems to me what are we really getting in candidates or elected officials when the better person isn’t elected but rather the fatter wallet can pound you with media and wins.

It’s by design and keeps many very qualified folks sitting on the bench. Very sad. Here’s a link should you care to ruin your day.


By Ray Scott

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