Highway funding bill HB1242 in the Senate today, here’s my vote, NO and why.

We need some funding but I can’t in good faith put this to the voters with such an imbalance of votes within Colorado which decidedly tilted towards those on the front range who could pass this measure . I can’t thrust light rail and transit options on western Colorado voters.

I do believe the voters should make us establish a line item in general fund for transportation now and in the future. The voters should demand we get the budget in order and not allow this annual Texas two step we do on this issue. Make us do our job and fix the budget instead of allowing us to look for new funding sources as in taxes. Forty four counties in CO are in financial trouble adding taxes for any issue on top of those voters is just the wrong thing to do.

There’s always a better idea, this one just doesn’t measure up.

By Ray Scott

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