PRESS RELEASE – Governor Hickenlooper Colorado Expects More!

PRESS RELEASE : For Immediate Release

Governor Hickenlooper: Colorado Expects More!

“We finally have a Colorado favorite son who has distinguished himself in a way we have not seen in years. Judge Neil Gorsuch has proven to be an accomplished and distinguished jurist of whom Colorado can be proud. In his confirmation hearings, Judge Gorsuch has more than demonstrated his unique and extensive qualifications for the Supreme Court.

Governor John Hickenlooper once again folds to the political pressure of the radical left and chose to take the low ground by making negative disparaging comments about the President in an attempt to delay a distinguished Coloradoan from serving our country. Colorado expects more!” We expect Governor Hickenlooper to affirmatively express his support for this extremely qualified jurist.


Robert Blaha-Colorado Chairman, Trump for President

Steve House – Chairman, Trump for President

Steve Durham-State School Board Member

Senator Ray Scott – CO

Representative Kevin Van Winkle – CO

Jeff Hunt – Trump transition committee member

Frank McNulty – Trump transition committee member

By Ray Scott

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