Hillary, the perfect victim

Hillary has made a career of being the victim and she’s at it again.

If you step onto a highway and a truck runs over you, how is it the truck drivers fault?

So in this case she wrote, read, forwarded, replied or stored either sensitive or classified emails on her server. By merely having the server with government email on it she broke the law. Everything else is just icing on the cake. But Hillary insists it’s someones else fault. Now since the FBI has reopened the case they are the truck driver. Remember only Hillary caused the problem.

Ms Abedin her BFF chose, apparently, to store additional email on her computers and devices and share them with her pedofile husband and the FBI found them. But she tells the public that the FBI should release immediately? Hell she wrote them, forwarded, copied or stored them! You release them Hillary or tell Abedin to do it, don’t ask the FBI to do it when you have them.

She must think the American people are complete idiots. Well we’re not Hillary.

By Ray Scott

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