The Purpose of the Debate Was to Get Rid of Trump Forever — and It Failed – The Rush Limbaugh Show…ailed

“RUSH: The purpose of last night — and it’s a failure today — was to take Trump out forever, not just his political campaign. Donald Trump the human being was to be humiliated and destroyed and rendered so humiliated and embarrassed he would never be seen in public again, and that’s the lesson any further, additional, future challenger to the establishment was to take from last night. The message is, “Don’t mess with us. Do not come after us. We’ll take you out, and you’ll lose not just an election. You’ll lose everything important to you. We will destroy you!” That’s what was on the agenda last night, and Trump triumphed unbelievably over this effort last night to the point that Hillary Clinton was on the defensive for clearly over half of that debate last night.”

By Ray Scott

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