I’m all in for Trump..Let’s make Colorado great again!!

August 15, 2016
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Trump for Colorado Announce Field Coordinators
Colorado Springs, CO – Today, the Trump-Pence Colorado campaign announced it has named Field Coordinators for the campaign in the state.
“Each of these Field Coordinators is highly organized, dynamic and committed to spreading the Trump-Pence message throughout the state,” said Colorado’s State Director, Patrick Davis. “We will have all the staff and resources we need to win in Colorado.”
“Colorado voters we hear from understand that Hillary Clinton represents a third Obama term while the Trump- Pence campaign of tougher law enforcement, stopping illegal immigration and bringing back jobs is resonating strongly across the state,” Davis said.
Andrea Morse will be the Northern Colorado Field Coordinator for the Trump for Colorado 2016 campaign. Prior to joining the campaign, Morse was volunteering with the Semper Fi Fund, providing financial assistance to wounded Marines and their families as they recover. Morse grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Colorado in 2009.
Marty Neilson will be an additional Northern Colorado Field Coordinator. In Neilson’s 30+ years of financial executive experience she has been the treasurer of the Colorado Republicans, President of the Colorado Union of Taxpayers and Chairman of House District 13. Neilson has also been a candidate for Colorado State Senate District 16 and Boulder County Treasurer. She has lived in Colorado for nearly 60 years.
Stephen Barlock will be the East Denver Field Coordinator. A life-long Independent and Denver native, Barlock registered Republican when Donald J. Trump first announced his candidacy for President. He later became a state elected National Alternate Delegate supporting Mr. Trump in Cleveland, OH. Barlock is an Independent Real Estate Broker in the Denver Metro Area and has substantial experience leading and coordinating volunteers for political campaigns. Barlock is a native of Denver, CO.
Nosh Tarachand will be an additional East Denver Field Coordinator. Tarachand is extremely well suited for an outreach position, and has been involved with campaigns in Colorado as well as nationally for the last 10 years. Tarachand is originally from India and has been a U.S. citizen since 1980.
Laurel Imer will be the West Denver Field Coordinator for the Trump for Colorado 2016 campaign. Imer has worked in advertising sales and marketing on the Western Slope of Colorado. For years, Imer has also been heavily involved in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, eventually becoming the Senior Vice President of the Ladies Auxiliary. Imer was born and raised in Golden, Colorado.
Dylan Sparks will be the El Paso Field Coordinator. Sparks has helped elect State Representative Kit Roupe, Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, El Paso County Commissioner Peggy Littleton, and many others.
Before joining the Trump campaign, Sparks was the Millennial Coalition Director for a U.S. Senate campaign. Sparks is a native of Monument, CO.
Ray Scott will be the Western Colorado Field Coordinator. Scott is the State Senator for CO SD7, first elected to the Colorado House in 2010. He is a small business owner in both construction and software development, beginning his career in the oil and gas industry working for both Conoco/Phillips and Williams Energy. Scott currently resides in Grand Junction, CO.

Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

By Ray Scott

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