Colorado needs leadership in the face of terrorism…..

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing”. Edmond Burke

No truer words have been uttered than these in the face of islamic terrorists targeting all mankind today. The last two days in Colorado under Governor Hickenlooper’s directives to allow potential threats to Colorado citizens has nothing to do with human decency, orphans and widows. His words today were political patronage to his personal friend and mentor Barrack Obama. As the head of our State his first responsibility is to the safety and well being of it’s citizens, not to Barrack Obama. His words have fell short of explaining how he could under any circumstances put the Presidents wishes ahead of the people he is sworn to protect. I urge him to reverse course immediately and put my family first at all costs to his political aspirations, he took an oath to do so. It’s time for him to be a good man and do something.

By Ray Scott

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