Took her out for a spin last night wow what a ride

Ray Scott

By Ray Scott

My honor to serve you..

Thanks to the dozens of volunteers that have helped my campaign over the last few months I can never thank you enough. We are finishing strong thanks to your efforts. As I have told you all this is a full contact sport with conservatism in the crosshairs, remember it is not an ideology but a philosophy that is rooted in the rule of law and our Constitution and this battle will continue. It has been my honor to serve you and I look forward to finishing the next four years being the best Senator I can be.

God Bless all of you.

By Ray Scott

The Colorado law on stealing political signs, it will cost you…

1-13-113. Interference with distribution of election material. During the
period beginning forty-five days before and ending four days after any election, any
person who prevents, hinders, or interferes with the lawful distribution of any card,
pamphlet, circular, poster, handbill, yard sign, or other written material relating to any
candidate for election for any office or relating to any issue that is to be submitted to the
electors in any election, or any person who removes, defaces, or destroys any lawfully
placed billboard, sign, or written material from any premises to which it was delivered,
commits a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not more than seven hundred
fifty dollars. Any person found guilty of removing, defacing, or destroying any billboard,
sign, or written material shall pay the cost of replacement. The owner of the premises, an
authorized agent of the owner, or any person charged with enforcement of any state law,
ordinance, or regulation may remove any billboard, sign, or written material without
penalty when placed without permission or authorization of the owner of such premises,
or in violation of state law or county or municipal ordinance or regulation, or which is in
place at any time other than during the period beginning forty-five days before and
ending four days after any election.

By Ray Scott